"As the first to deliver a 12-micron thermal camera core, we’re providing our customers a tremendous competitive advantage, helping them drive down system costs while providing superior imagery typically associated with our MicroIR products," said Christian Rodriguez, business development at BAE Systems. "Our TWV640 module empowers our customers to create and deliver a new ...

PZT thin films seem to be a hot topic at MEMS research labs these days, with their potential to improve the performance of many MEMS actuators, if a technology can be developed for low cost volume production. Dutch equipment startup SolMateS claims its pulsed laser deposition tool could be the enabler....

  3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging - 2014 Business Update
3D TSV is in MEMS, CMOS Image Sensors and High-End Applications. When will it be used for mainstream consumer applications?
  Samsung Galaxy S5 Home Button Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor
The first fingerprint sensor integrated on Samsung’s product based on PCB capacitive sensing technology from Synaptics.
  Capsule Endoscopy Patent Landscape 2014
Olympus and Given Imaging are leading intellectual property in the capsule endoscopy industry, but for how long?
  9-Axis MEMS IMU Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis
Take the benefits of KnowMade and System Plus Consulting combined added value for highlighting potential risks of patent infringement.

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PZT thin films, 300mm, magnetic materials,
new detection principles… What does the future
hold for MEMS production?

In this issue of MEMS' Trends, we’re giving some attention to MEMS technology evolution, since this is ...



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