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Jan 10th, 2014
Energy harvesting market will approach USD 250M in five years, with fastest growth from thin film thermal technologies
The energy harvesting market is poised for signifi cant growth, but demand for MEMS solutions will take longer to develop.
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The energy harvesting market has potential to approach the $250 million mark in the next fi ve years, thanks to growing demand for wireless networks for the building and industrial sectors. Progress in low power electronics and communication protocols are enabling sensor networks to run of energy harvesters in conditions where it’s not practical to replace batteries.

Wireless building networks will largely use pulse, solar and thermal harvesting technologies, while industrial equipment monitoring will look to vibrational and thermal energy. Tire pressure monitoring systems now look likely to stick with batteries for some time, but will eventually turn to MEMS vibrational harvesters to supplement the batteries to make them last longer.

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