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Jan 10th, 2014
OLED lighting sparks innovation frenzy
Technological developments from the sector could be even more valuable than the revenues it earns, suggest Yole Développement’s Pars Mukish and Milan Rosina.
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Since 2009, there has been more than $500 million invested in companies in the OLED supply chain,
according to Yole Développement research. When the overall OLED market was worth just $500 million
in 2009, how did the industry attract so much money? As anyone with a recent Samsung Galaxy phone will know, part of the reason is their use in displays. Displays have helped drive OLED revenues
to around $3 billion in 2011 and nearly $6 billion in 2012. So far lighting, the other potential major application for OLEDs, has been only a small part of that fi gure. Could the massive potential illumination market ultimately help give the companies betting on OLED the return they’re looking for?

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