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Jan 10th, 2014
Smart phones and tablets on track to become $6 billion pportunity for MEMS sensors
Driver is demand for more gyros and microphones now,pressure sensors and IMUs next, and a host of emerging sensors to follow.
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The value of MEMS used in cell phones and tablets exploded by $500M last year, to a $2.2B business. We expect to see continuing healthy 18.5% CAGR in this sector, to become a $6.4B market for MEMS by 2018. That means almost a 4X increase in number of MEMS die—and a sobering continued decline in prices.

This growth will be driven in part by the migration of more sensors into more lower- priced, value smart phones that will account for an increasing share of the mobile market as demand at the high end saturates. The other major driver will be the addition of new kinds of sensors, and new, more sophisticated applications that put sensor data together in more useful ways.
That means more MEMS gyros and microphones now, growing adoption of pressure sensors and IMUs next, and then a host of emerging sensors and integrated systems, including for indoor navigation and context awareness, soon to follow. Smart phones are also becoming the hubs and brains for managing the data from all sorts of wearable or other separate sensor devices, spurring another signifi cant growth oppor tunity, which is not included in these totals, but which will impact the value chain.

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