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Moderator & Speakers:

May 15, 2012 - 01:00 PM CET


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EURIPIDES is the EUREKA R&D program dedicated to Smart Systems based on MEMS, electronic packaging and assembly, and general physical electronic systems integration.  As we all know, ICT-based products are becoming more a part of our lives in terms of communication (smart phones), the automotive industry (electric cars), aeronautics, secure societies, medical, agro food, water, and energy.  In fact, 90 % of innovation in the aforementioned fields is related to Smart systems design and integration. Though they are for the most part invisible to the human eye, they are essential and vital to our everyday lives!
EURIPIDES stimulates and supports innovative projects aimed at the development of new products, manufacturing process machines, and associated services.  Guided by European industry leaders, these projects involve large companies, a growing number of SMEs, and academia from at least two EUREKA countries.  Recent bilateral agreements have also stimulated cooperation with countries outside of Europe, such as Turkey, Israel, South Korea and Canada.

The presentation will highlight the main features of EURIPIDES, with a focus on success stories and building up the right consortium. Funding possibilities will also be emphasized, as well as the submission procedure. Advice for writing a winning proposal will be given as well.
Additionally, we will explore new collaboration possibilities built on COWIN’s “Gold Nuggets” portfolio.
Finally, EURIPIDES’ Graz Forum and COWIN’s marketplace will offer a unique opportunity for you to present your project ideas and find the right partners.

Speakers :

Jean-Luc Maté, EURIPIDES Chairman, is currently the Vice President (VP) Strategy & Technology at Continental Automotive France SAS. In 1978 he graduated in Microelectronics Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. A year later he founded RENIX Automotive Electronic control module JV Renault / Bendix. In 1988 he was made technical director for electronic systems at Siemens Bendix and then 3 years later VP for E/E system and vehicle architecture engineering. In 2001, he joined Siemens VDO, first as VP Interior Systems, then as VP Strategic Marketing and Innovation Management for Body and Chassis and finally, in 2006, as Executive VP Strategy Technology and Innovation Management Western Europe. Since 2007 Jean-Luc Maté has been the Chairman of the EUREKA-EURIPIDES cluster.


Rémy Renaudin
is the Operation Manager of EURIPIDES, the industry-driven EUREKA Cluster, dedicated to Smart Systems Integration. Rémy is in charge of setting up projects and supporting companies in raising public funding. He has a wide knowledge of national funding schemes throughout Europe. Before joining EURIPIDES, Rémy has been working in EUREKA as the French national project coordinator and involved in the design and realisation of the Eurostars Programme, dedicated to hightechnology SMEs.


 Régis Hamelin has an engineering degree in Material Science and a PhD in Electronics. He built an expertise in Photonics and more specifically in High Speed Packaging for Datacom applications.
He worked during 10 years in applied R&D, starting in CNRS in the University of Lille, and then spent 7 years in LETI working in Infra Red Imaging for Military and Space applications on the processing of II-VI compounds. From 1999 to 2002 he worked on the development of highly integrated photonics systems for high speed datacom transmission. The flip-chip technology acquired from the military applications was used for its self alignment and high speed properties. On the basis of this technology he co-founded Intexys Photonics in 2002 where he worked as CTO until 2009. He joined EURIPIDES in 2011 and brings his expertise to COWIN.

 With the participation of  Aritz Goni - ZABALA Innovation Consulting

Moderator :

Géraldine Andrieux-Gustin is the coordinator of COWIN, an European initiative dedicated to encourage the commercial exploitation of research results for value creation in smart systems.
Géraldine is in charge of investors’ relations at Yole Finance, the corporate finance business activity of Yole Développement. She is supporting companies in fundraising and M&A actions. She is working with customers on the setting-up and validation of their business plan and documentation. She is actively involved in the targets identification and the deal negotiation process.
Previously, Géraldine was also in charge of strategic and marketing analysis in micro and nanotechnologies for Life Sciences and Chemistry. She has conducted many surveys and missions in biotechnologies and in the medical field.

Feel free to contact Sandrine Leroy (leroy@yole.fr) if you need further information.

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