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Moderator & Speakers:

Yann de Charentenay, Senior Analyst, Yole Développement & David Jourdan, Sales Coordination & Customer Service Technology & Market Reports, Yole Développement

June 13, 2012 - 05:30 PM CEST


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Infrared detectors are mainly used as motion detectors (with 1 to 4 pixels) since decades in our daily life for lighting controls and alarms. However, the motion detector will grow at a significant rate until 2016 (CAGR 2010-2016 in value: + 9 %) driven by the concern for energy savings. In the coming years it will be increasingly used to switch off/on automatically lighting and appliances such as HVAC, TVs, appliances…
New large detectors applications are also adding further market growth. Those large detectors (from 16 x 16 to 64 x 64 pixels) are developed to obtain advanced person detection functionalities meaning it is possible to locate precisely the position of a person in a space, to identify immobile persons (what is not possibly with motion sensors) or to monitor large areas. Thermopiles, pyroelectric and microbolometer are the competing detector technologies and it is hard to know yet who will win the battle.


Yann de Charentenay was granted a master degree in physics in INPG in Grenoble and also in Innovation management from Compiegne University. Since 2003, he has worked for Yole Development in the field of MEMS, materials and compound semiconductors. He has contributed to more than 60 marketing and technological analysis.



David Jourdan
has been working in Discrete and Standard Group Marketing Dept.of STMicroelectronics. He has been working for 6 months on different studies within Ernst & Young, mainly in collaboration with Jean-Christophe Eloy. In 1998, he joined Yole Développement for its very early beginning. David has been Marketing Analyst for a few years and held the position of Sales & Marketing Manager. David is cofounder of the company. He was graduated of Business Manager diploma from the Wesford High School in Grenoble





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