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> Will CIS technology survive the strong competition with crystalline silicon ?

Presented by Yole Développement
Hosted by i-Micronews.com

Moderator & Speakers:

Milan Rosina, Technology & Market Analyst - Photovoltaics, Yole Développement & David Jourdan, Sales coordination & customer service - Technology & Market Reports

Jul. 25, 2012 - 06:00 AM CET


To get the presentation, please contact David Jourdan (jourdan@yole.fr)


Although crystalline silicon PV maintains its leading position, CIS (sometimes designed also as CIGS) thin film PV technology, reveals increased interest due to its unlocked potential for high efficiency and low manufacturing costs. However, much effort is necessary to overcome some barriers related to the complexity of this technology and its manufacturing. Yole Développement will discuss the different approaches for CIS module manufacturing and the position of CIS amongst all PV technologies.




Milan ROSINA is an analyst at Yole Développement for photovoltaic market & technologies. Before joining Yole Développement, he worked as a research scientist and a project manager in the fields of photovoltaics, microelectronics and LED. He has more than 12 years scientific and industrial experience with prominent research institutions and an utility company. Amongst his experience are new equipment and processes development, due diligences with photovoltaic companies, photovoltaic technology and market surveys, analysis of various photovoltaic technologies and elaboration of photovoltaic roadmaps. He is the co-author of two issued patents in the field of solar cell processing.




David Jourdan has been working in Discrete and Standard Group Marketing Dept.of STMicroelectronics. He has been working for 6 months on different studies within Ernst & Young, mainly in collaboration with Jean-Christophe Eloy. In 1998, he joined Yole Développement for its very early beginning. David has been Marketing Analyst for a few years and held the position of Sales & Marketing Manager. David is cofounder of the company. He was graduated of Business Manager diploma from the Wesford High School in Grenoble.

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