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Moderator & Speakers:

Benjamin Roussel, Technology & Market Analyst Microfluidics & Medical Technologies, Yole Développement & Mike McLaughlin, Business Development, Yole Inc

Oct. 11, 2012 - 08:00 AM PDT


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Flow chemistry refers to the use of continuous flow reactors for chemical synthesis and process intensification, which is the opposite of batch chemistry. Flow chemistry uses MicroReaction Technologies (MRT), which are miniaturized and micro-fabricated components for mixing, separating, heating-up, and cooling down. The market for MicroReaction Technologies dedicated to flow chemistry has sharply increased over the last five years.

Large chemical and pharmaceutical companies are aggressively considering MRT as a solution to some of their current processing problems in lab research, product development and production. The motivations for implementation are multiple and vary form one case to another, as will be shown during the webcast.

Today, MicroReaction Technologies are mainly used for R&D applications in laboratories. Indeed, almost 70% of the 2011 annual demand (in €M) for MRT modules was related to research applications. Among these applications, the strong evolution from MRT stand-alone modules to integrated R&D systems will be reviewed, since the contribution of stand-alone modules to the total MRT modules market declined from 77% in 2007 to 41% in 2011.

While research applications are often the gateway for flow chemistry in a company, sustainable growth of the MRT market will only be achieved if MRT is widely accepted in Production. Therefore, we will conclude the webcast by discussing necessary actions and practical ways for overcoming existing weaknesses.


Benjamin Roussel,
is a Market Analyst in Microfluidic and Medical Technologies fields. He holds a State qualification as a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University Claude Bernard Lyon, complemented by a master degree in Technology and Innovation Management from EMLyon Business School.



Mike McLaughlin has been working with emerging technologies for over 12 years at IBM and Cisco and was a principal analyst at Gartner. He now leads all of Yole Développement's activities and business development for North America. Mike is a graduate of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA


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