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> IR detectors: mobile & smart building applications to expand business opportunities outside historical markets

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Moderator & Speakers:

Paul Danini, Technology & market analyst, Imaging Technologies, Yole Développement - Mike McLaughlin, Business Development, Yole Inc.

Jul. 23, 2013 - 08:00 AM PDT


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Low-cost and easy to manufacture, IR detectors are used in myriad markets, such as Construction, Security, Appliances and Industrial.

Initially limited to single-pixel detectors with a basic motion detection function, IR detectors have progressively been used in more complex systems, thus diversifying their market opportunities into higher-end applications such as Temperature Sensing, Gas & Fire Detection and Spectroscopy.

Over the last few years, array detectors’ introduction has further diversified the aforementioned markets’ high-end, and multiple companies have adopted a "technology push" strategy to introduce IR detector arrays. For example, several companies from the MEMS industry have ensured their domination of thermopile technology on the Array Detector market by capitalizing on their know-how of complex MEMs structure manufacturing. However, this domination will be challenged in 2013 by entrants from the Infrared Imaging market, whose technology is based on the microbolometer. In fact, the first low-resolution microbolometer has already been introduced, and more competitors are expected to follow this path in order to gain market share in the growing IR Detector market.

In this webcast, you’ll gain an understanding of how technology affects the IR Detector market’s competitive environment. You’ll also learn how large, new IR detector arrays are expected to trigger the emergence of new applications, and how IR detectors are expected to be increasingly adopted in mobile devices. 


Paul Danini is in charge of the imaging technologies redearches at Yole Développement. After a short experience at e2v, he previously worked in IP strategy at Avenium Consulting. He holds a master of engineering in instrumental physics & medical imaging, complemented by a master degree in Technology and Innovation Management from Grenoble EM  Business School.




Mike McLaughlin has been working with emerging technologies for over 12 years at IBM and Cisco and was a principal analyst at Gartner. He now leads all of Yole Développement's activities and business

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