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Moderator & Speakers:

Rémy Renaudin, EURIPIDES - Régis Hamelin, EURIPIDES + project presenters

Apr. 08, 2014 - 01:00 PM CEST


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The following projects will be presented:

  • Project #1 : Green Compass - SAGEM

Speaker: Yan Lenoir, Yan Lenoir is Engineer at Safran
Topic: Reduce vessel consumption and CO2 emission by better control of drift performance: attitudes function shall be developed and the performance of the accelerometer has to be improved in order to reduce heading and attitude errors during vessels loop.

Which partners SAGEM is looking for? Innovative modelling and characterization methodologies for very high performance accelerometers based on Silicon MEMS technology.

  • Project #2: Sleep companion - FiveFive

Speaker: Jérôme Schonfeld, General Manager & Co-founder, FiveFive // holî
Topic: Development of a "Sleep Companion", able to analyze the bedroom environment through integrated sensors and the tiredness of the person, based both on known historical activity during daytime and real-time body tiredness and the sleep cycle to wake up its user at the right moment without he use of stressful alarms with light.

Which partners FiveFive is looking for?

- Sensors (breath analysis and muscular tiredness)
- Touch less 3D gestural interaction
- Behavioral analysis
- Optics (Lens shifting, video projection)

  • Project #3: Cheap flexible substrate - CEA LITEN

Speaker: Dr Romain Coppard, R&D Project Manager at CEA-LITEN
Topic: Printed Devices on Flex : transistors, photodetectors, sensors, bio-sensors,…  For Prototyping and Synergy with PCB/Flex industry – manufacturers and end-users – for Innovative Applications.

Which partners CEA LITEN is looking for?
Industrial and end users

  • Project #4: Embedded Actives Components - VALEO

Speaker: Nicolas Marier, Hardware Innovation Manager at VALEO
Topic: Electronic 3D integration- Application of embedded active components to increase PCB Density. Design of monitoring systems to protect the driver and road users, any potential danger.  Ex: Frontal cameras and other sensors target for obtaining 6 stars EuroNCAP.

Which partners VALEO is looking for?

-Thermal/ Mechanical/EMC Lab & Academics.
-Embedded PCB suppliers 

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Dr Romain Coppard is  currently  R&D Project Manager at CEA-LITEN  Grenoble, within  the  Printed Electronic Devices  Laboratory. He has been working in the field of Organic Electronics since 2007, and  held prior to this  various positions  at major Silicon Microelectronics Companies (Alcatel, Applied Materials, ATMEL...) in the field of bipolar technology, CMOS and Flash Memory technology , plasma CVD deposition , Reactive Ion etching.  He holds several patents and has (co-)published more than 50 papers.



Nicolas Marier is Hardware Innovation Manager at VALEO - GEEDS (Group Electronic Expertise and Development Services). Electronics and Software graduated in Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in 1998. He began his career at Schlumgerber in 1998 on the development of Tri-phases electric meters and start in Automotive Industry at Delphi in 2000. He is co-author of several patents on RF & RFID applications. He has been project manager of several Automotive Products since 2001. Executive MBA graduated in Paris Dauphine University in 2012, he started innovation activities for Valeo in 2012.


Jérôme Schonfeld
, General Manager & Co-founder, FiveFive // holî

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of experience in  Consumer Electronics and consulting working with Fortune’s 150 clients such as Lanvin, Renault, Amore Pacific in France and abroad. Formerly CEO of YBA, one of the most prestigious high-end audio manufacturer in Europe, he hold a MSc in Management from EM Lyon.




Yan Lenoir is Engineer at Safran. Graduated of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electricité et de Mécanique INPL in 1998, heworked with Sagem since 2000:
2000: in charge of vessels equipment with INS Sigma 40 in Korea.
2005: responsible for the development of physical part of IMU based on HRG technology for military applications. Gyroscope HRG is a technology patented by Sagem that aims at procuring very high reliability and performances.
2007: responsible for the development of a gyro unit for space applications. First units have been launched in European satellites in 2010. More than 100 gyros are ordered by ESA and TASF and planned to be launched until 2017.
2010: responsible of HRG development programs. This specific department aims at developing next generation projects based on HRG technology for military and civilian multi-applications.
2012: First sell of BlueNauteTM IMO gyrocompass units for civilian vessels. The BlueNauteTM gyrocompass algorithms have been developed in the frame of Vector project funded by Sagem and supported by Euripides.

Rémy Renaudin
is the Operation Manager of EURIPIDES, the industry-driven EUREKA Cluster, dedicated to Smart Systems Integration. Rémy is in charge of setting up projects and supporting companies in raising public funding. He has a wide knowledge of national funding schemes throughout Europe. Before joining EURIPIDES, Rémy has been working in EUREKA as the French national project coordinator and involved in the design and realisation of the Eurostars Programme, dedicated to hightechnology SMEs.


 Régis Hamelin has an engineering degree in Material Science and a PhD in Electronics. He built an expertise in Photonics and more specifically in High Speed Packaging for Datacom applications.
He worked during 10 years in applied R&D, starting in CNRS in the University of Lille, and then spent 7 years in LETI working in Infra Red Imaging for Military and Space applications on the processing of II-VI compounds. From 1999 to 2002 he worked on the development of highly integrated photonics systems for high speed datacom transmission. The flip-chip technology acquired from the military applications was used for its self alignment and high speed properties. On the basis of this technology he co-founded Intexys Photonics in 2002 where he worked as CTO until 2009. He joined EURIPIDES in 2011 and brings his expertise to COWIN.


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