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Moderator & Speakers:

Eric Mounier, Senior Analyst at Yole Développement - Fabrice Lacombe, Associate Director at Daydream

Oct. 02, 2014 - 08:00 AM PDT


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Development of equipment and materials will contribute to and benefit from the growth of displays, lighting, IoT and sensors applications.

Market for Equipment & Materials for Printed & Flexible Electronics to reach US$1.6B by 2020

Flexible Electronics using printing processes is a new field of technologies with great expectations in terms of market and business. Many different applications can be addressed such as flexible displays, conformable lighting, flexible photovoltaics, smart sensors, systems on foil …

We believe that, in the next several years, the market and number of applications using printing processes for flexible electronics applications will grow, driven by lower processing costs, higher performance, better shock resistance and new functionalities. It is expected that mainly large companies such as Samsung or LG Chem will strongly contribute to the growth. We also believe that flexible & printed electronics have the potential to support the quick development of the  Internet Of Things.

However, to be successful, these technologies have to face material and processing challenges.

Joint Daydream / Yole Développement webcast will first review the applications and 2013-2020 market forecasts for printed & flexible electronics. Examples will be shown with a critical review of challenges for some applications.

The second part of our webcast will be focused on equipment and material challenge. We will give forecasts in units and value for tools and chemistry. Perspectives and examples of cost structure will be reviewed and we will present our vision of the market value for materials and global equipment forecast for 2013-2020. We will finally highlight applications that will drive most of the growth for the coming years and those whose potential has to be thoroughly followed-up.



Dr. Eric Mounier
has a PhD in microelectronics from the INPG in Grenoble. He previously worked at CEA LETI R&D lab in Grenoble, France in marketing dept. Since 1998 he is a co-founder of Yole Développement, a market research company based in France. At Yole Développement, Dr. Eric Mounier is in charge of market analysis for MEMS, equipment & material. He is Chief Editor of Micronews, and MEMS’Trends magazines (Magazine on MEMS Technologies & Markets).



Fabrice Lacombe 
joined Daydream in 2005 and is Associate Director in charge of the German subsidiary since 2010. Fabrice has performed and managed over 40 projects in chemistry, materials and life science and has a PhD in Chemistry from the Dortmund University (Germany)





Frédéric Breussin is responsible for the MEMS and Sensors activity. He has supported many companies in their innovation and product development strategy in making the bridge between micro systems technologies and their applications in consumer, automotive, industrial,  Life sciences, diagnostics and medical device industries. He holds an Engineering diploma from INSA Rouen & a DEA in fluid mechanics from University of Rouen.


Feel free to contact Sandrine Leroy (leroy@yole.fr) if you need further information.

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