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Fan-in WLP manufacturing capacities are full and more volume is required… Yole announces its new advanced packaging analysis (3)

“The semiconductor industry is facing a new era in which device scaling and cost reduction will not continue on the path they followed for the past few decades, with Moore’s law in its foundation”, asserts Andrej Ivankovic, Technology & Market Analyst, in the Advanced Packaging and Semiconductor Manufacturing team, at Yole Développement (Yole).


Multix secures 3m€ on a new financing round

MultiX, the leading company in spectroscopic X-ray imaging for airport security and non-destructive testing applications announces to have acquired 3 million euros on the occasion of its third raise of capital combining financing from ACE Management, Amorçage Technologique Investissement, CEA Investissement, EurekaP, Expansinvest, Rhône-Alpes-Création and Thales Corporate Ventures and Thales Corporate Ventures, as well as from banking partners BPI and BNP.


Parrot’s Bebop drone achieves French civil aviation authority for professional use

Drones can be used for recreational purposes virtually everywhere without needing to complete any administrative processes (excluding populated and built-up areas, sensitive, industrial, military or airport locations), provided that they remain in the pilot’s direct line of sight.


Sony releases IMX250 & IMX252 – CMOS image sensors with a 3.45 µm pixel and global shutter function for industrial applications

Industrial applications demand imaging of fast-moving subjects. However, there is the issue that existing CMOS image sensors are unable to accurately identify fast-moving subjects due to focal plane distortion as a result of rolling shutter operation.


World’s smallest micro-camera promises to revolutionize smart sensors

CSEM’s Vision-In-Package system is the first of its kind to combine all elements of a vision system into less than 1 cubic centimeter.




> International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW)
(June 8 - June 11, Vaals, Netherlands)

> Image Sensors America
(September 8 - September 10, San Francisco, USA)