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Korean consortium’s Pantech rescue sealed with people-plus-patents package deal

A consortium led by Korean optical disk drive manufacturer Optis and telecommunications equipment provider Solid has finalised a deal which will see it take ownership of assets belonging to bankrupt mobile device company Pantech for an estimated 40 billion won ($34.7 million).


Facebook’s Oculus to pay about $60 million for gesture-control firm pebbles

Facebook Inc.’s Oculus VR said Thursday it agreed to buy Israel-based gesture-control company Pebbles Ltd.


Sony Mobile and ZMP to establish joint venture for developing and providing enterprise solutions that utilize autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles

Sony Mobile Communications Inc. (“Sony Mobile”: President and CEO Hiroki Totoki) and ZMP Inc. (“ZMP”: CEO Hisashi Taniguchi) have agreed to collaborate on the development and launch of enterprise solutions using autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles for image capture combined with cloud-based data processing.


Lensvector $24.61 million financing. Howard Earhart submitted Jul 16 D form

Lensvector, Inc., Corporation just submitted form D regarding $24.61 million equity financing.


GoPro announces revenue of $420 million, up 72% year-over-year

GoPro, Inc, maker of the world's most versatile camera and enabler of some of today's most immersive and engaging content, today announced financial results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2015.


Supply chain, market positioning, business opportunities and company value: what can we expect for the semiconductor industry? Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 (SSF 2015)

Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 - SSF 2015. From Nov. 4 to 6, 2015, Paris, France
Today, the semiconductor supply chain offers a lot of possibilities in terms of business models. Companies have many opportunities to develop their own components all across the market. They can develop designs, integrate software, focus on sensitive elements and propose dedicated packaging. There are many possibilities – but maybe just one way to optimize a company's value.



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