Global semiconductor chip manufacturing trends are steadily moving towards producing chips of smaller and smaller total silicon area, while at the same time introducing an increasing number of interconnects per chip. These opposing trends result in the need for interconnect pitch reductions and the need for placing bonding pads at the chip/package interface. Since the shrinking of features on the ...

PZT thin films seem to be a hot topic at MEMS research labs these days, with their potential to improve the performance of many MEMS actuators, if a technology can be developed for low cost volume production. Dutch equipment startup SolMateS claims its pulsed laser deposition tool could be the enabler....

  Power GaN Market
The GaN power industry is consolidating in preparation for significant growth
  Emerging and Innovative Approaches in Photovoltaics
It’s time to reinforce and reshape R&D efforts to speed-up the PV business
  Technologies & Sensors for the Internet of Things: Businesses & Market Trends 2014-2024
The Internet of Things (IoT) provides big opportunities for technologies. The device business will reach $46B in 2024, contributing to a total IoT market of $400B.
  MEMS & Sensors for Mobile Phones and Tablets
The mobile phone and tablet market is growing, and price is decreasing. What’s the best plan for entering this market and building success?

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PZT thin films, 300mm, magnetic materials,
new detection principles… What does the future
hold for MEMS production?

In this issue of MEMS' Trends, we’re giving some attention to MEMS technology evolution, since this is ...



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