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Feb 1st, 2013
The 4th MEMSeminar: Innovative Applications of Sensors
March 23 - 1:00-5:00PM
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Description and objectives of the seminar:

The 4th MEMSeminar is organized by SIMIC, Chinese Club of Micro-Nano Technology, IC Cafe and MEMS Consulting. Also the seminar is a support of many companies, such as Yole Développement, DALSA, Bluester, QST, MiraMEMS,ASMC etc.

The guests and topics as follows:

1. Lijun Jiang / Dali Tech: Feasibility of infrared imaging applications in the consumer electronics
2. Collins Wu / ST: ST Diversifies MEMS Applications
3. Tongyue Gao / Shanghai University: MEMS inertial sensors in the AHRS, indoor navigation, air mouse
4. Chunhua Qian / MiraMEMS: the MEMS accelerometer innovation applications
5. Feng Xu / Bluester: Sensors in Smart Glass
6. Yuanjun Xu / ASMC: MEMS sensor applications in automotive electronics

For more information, please visit the following website: www.memseminar.com 

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