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Feb 14th, 2013
Trinean to in-license PerkinElmer technology
Trinean, the leading provider of microfluidics spectrophotometry platforms,announced that it has entered into a license agreement with PerkinElmer to license certain microfluidics technology owned by its subsidiary, Caliper Life Sciences, Inc., in the field of UV-VIS quantification analysis.
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Microfluidic cartridges.
Microfluidic cartridges.

Under the agreement, Trinean obtained a license for the design and development of microfluidic cartridges and instruments in the field of UV/VIS quantification of light absorbing substances for certain life sciences research applications.

We are very pleased with this agreement between PerkinElmer and Trinean. The combined IP from Trinean and PerkinElmer will boost the expansion of our platform for DNA, RNA and protein quantification and quality control," said Philippe Stas, CEO of Trinean. "Our microfluidic chips generate high quality UV/Vis spectral absorbance profiles of bio-molecules. They are designed to meet the requirements of labs requiring speed and minimal sample usage. Our unmatched large measurement range allows quantification of undiluted protein samples in real-time thereby significantly shortening the purification process.

To read the complete article: http://www.selectscience.net/product-news/Trinean/Trinean-to-in-license-PerkinElmer-Technology/?&artID=27431

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