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Mar 19th, 2013
New technology will enable the commercialization of plasmon displays
The fabrication technology to commercialize display color filters using plasmon effects has been discovered.
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  • Enhancements in the penetration ratio of color filters are expected by applying nano-surface plasmon effects.
  • Color filter technology will be applicable to large-area OLED and LCD

A joint research team headed by Professor Kyung-Cheol Choi from the Department of Electrical Engineering of KAIST and Professor Byeong-Kwon Ju from the School of Electrical Engineering of Korea University has developed the technology to design and produce a display color filter by applying nano-surface plasmon effects.

Color filters are core components used to express colors in CMOS image sensors found in LCD/OLED displays or digital cameras. The current color filters have penetration ratio of 20~30%, but the xobjective of the joint research team is to raise this penetration ratio by over 40% to facilitate the mass-production of low-electricity plasmonic displays.

The currently available plasmonic color filters are limited to applications on the micrometer scale. However, the newest research extends the size of the applications up to 2.5cm by using laser interference lithography. The academic and industrial sectors estimate that it is now possible to mass-produce displays with plasmonic color filters.

The researchers implemented nanohole array to large scale by using laser interference lithography, a technology that forms nanostructures with interferences of laser lights. They also suggested a new manufacturing process that can optimize the features of color filters while compensating for defects from fabrication stages.

The new manufacturing process of applying laser interference lithography is expected to overcome the shortcomings of traditional color filters in their complexity of production, thereby enabling them to be produced at low costs.

The research outcome were published in the front cover of the second issue of Advanced Optical Materials, a reputable academic journal in the field of nanotechnologies. The team has applied for six related patents.



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