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Apr 3rd, 2013
Asia's LARGEST bio event coming back with the larger scale! "BIOtech 2013 in Japan"
“BIOtech 2013 in Japan” will take place from May 8th to 10th, further expanding its scale from the previous time.
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Asia’s largest bio event held annually in Tokyo:
As represented by the Novel prize winning Dr. Yamanaka’s iPS Cells Research, the Japanese & Asian bio/pharma industry is full of exciting research achievements and new business opportunities. To keep yourself updated with the latest developments and grab your chance in the fast-moving market, why not attend BIOtech 2013 Japan?
Consisting of 3 pillars -- [Partnering], [Conference] and [Exhibition], BIOtech 2013 Japan is the best place to grab the whole picture of the current and future Asian bio/pharma industry.

What is expected at the next show? <<Partnering>> Largest number of participants ever

Through online “Bio Partnering System”, BIOtech 2013 Japan generates partnering opportunities among academics, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies and others. It is sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies as below:

Pharma Company Sponsors (As of February 13th, 2013 / in alphabetical order)
Astellas Pharma           
Chugai Pharmaceutical                 
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma          
Eli Lilly Japan      
F. Hoffmann-La Roche            
KYORIN Pharmaceutical   
Meiji Seika Pharma       
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma   
NOVARTIS PHARMA               
Takeda Pharmaceutical

Compared with other partnering events worldwide, Partnering at BIOtech 2013 Japan has its strength in gathering a large number of participants from the Japanese academia rich in bio/pharma-related platform technologies/seeds. You can contact and meet 200* participants from leading universities/research institutes such as RIKEN, The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and many others, who will be presenting their latest research achievements at Academic Forum on-site. The various research themes include hot topics such as Regenerative Medicine, Cancer, Immunity/Vaccine, and so on.                   

<<Conference>> Total 250* presentations
iPS/ES Cell Research, Personalized Medicine, Antibody Drug, Cancer, etc., the latest research fields holding the keys of the drug discovery/development of the day will be addressed at the Conference. In total 250* presentations, key persons from both the industry and the academic sectors will disclose their latest research achievements and their insights into the current and future bio/pharma industry.
Find topics of your interest from the Keynote/Special Sessions below:

Keynote Session - Frontline of Stem Cell Research and Strategies for Success in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Special Session 1 - Roadmap to Drug Discovery Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
Special Session 2 - Keys to Success in Antibody Drug Development: Technologies to Extract Difficult Antibodies
Special Session 3 - iPS/ES Cell Research Frontline ―Entering a New Phase ―
Special Session 4 - Gene Engineering and Biorefinery Technology Updates: towards Practical Use
Special Session 5 - Challenges of Regenerative Medicine: 3-D Tissue Engineering
Special Session 6 - Structure-based Drug Design: By Super Computer "Kei" and Conformations
Special Session 7 - New Therapeutic Strategies based on the Analysis and Interpretation of Human Immune System
Special Session 8 - Personalized Medicine ―Future Perspective and Endorsement ―
Special Session 9 - Frontier of Medicine-engineering Collaboration ―Engineering Approaches to Further Medical Development
Special Session 10 - "All Japan" Integrated Promotion and Collaboration toward Drug Discovery Innovation

<<Exhibition>> Almost all the major companies exhibit here
This year, the exhibition will expand its scale to 600* exhibitors (140* new exhibitors) including leading companies from around the world as below and may others.              

Furthermore, more novel products/technologies by venture/start-up companies are expected this year, due to the newly-launched “Table-top Exhibiting Area”. Another new zone is “Clinical & Diagnostics Zone”, which features the essential field especially for personalized medicine.
Becoming larger and more extensive, Exhibition at BIOtech 2013 Japan will enhance its value as Asia’s largest product/technology showcase.

Visit BIOtech 2013 in Japan
For more details and the updated information, please visit the website (www.bio-t.jp/en/) or contact Show Management.

FREE Invitation Ticket Request >> www.bio-t.jp/en/inv/

Contact Show Management:
BIOtech 2013 in Japan Show Management, Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
Attn: Kyoko Nagakusa (Ms.)
TEL: +81-3-3349-8518 / Email: visitor-eng.bio@reedexpo.co.jp

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