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Apr 4th, 2013
What’s happening in the Silicon Carbide world?
The SiC Power Center, Enterprise Europe Network and Yole Développement present: International SiC Power Electronics Applications Workshop 2013.
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The SiC Power Center, Enterprise Europe Network and Yole Développement are proud to announce their third collaboration on the International SiC Power Electronics Applications Workshop (ISiCPEAW), taking place in Stockholm, Sweden from June 9 - 11.

This year’s ISiCPEAW is a three-day event consisting of a two-day workshop covering the latest Silicon Carbide technology innovations in the Power Electronics area, and a one-day tutorial prior to the workshop. As in past years, the Organizing Committee has created an attractive program and invited key industry players to present their latest products & services. Registration is now open, so make sure you’re a part of ISiCPEAW 2013!

Each year, international experts meet at ISiCPEAW to share expertise, discuss recent developments and swap visions of SiC electronics applications. In 2012, the workshop attracted more than 200 attendees from around the world, and the Organizing Committee expects no less in 2013.

ISiCPEAW’s 2013 program includes:
- A tutorial dedicated to Silicon Carbide devices, packaging technology and applications.
- A six-session workshop dedicated to Silicon Carbide technology and its applications. Over two exciting days, the Committee invites you to discover the latest Silicon Carbide innovations and related applications. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the industry’s status from key industrial experts, covering R&D projects, industrialization phases and everything in-between.
- An exhibition area and numerous business-to-business (B2B) matchmaking opportunities.
The event takes place at Scandic Hasselbacken Stockholm, located on beautiful Djurgården Island in the middle of Stockholm.

Don’t miss ISiCPEAW 2013’s powerful program. Visit the official website www.b2match.eu/isicpeaw2013 and register today!

ISiCPEAW 2013 Workshop
The workshop aims to promote the latest Silicon Carbide research and development results by bringing together the field’s foremost experts from both academia and industry. Focus is placed on the use of SiC technology in Power Electronics applications, components, modules, packaging, reliability and benchmarking with silicon Power Electronics. The workshop is created by SiC experts and reflects SiC’s status from an industry point-of-view. Specialists from around the world will
present their views on current status, ongoing development and application opportunities in Power Electronics, as well as comment on the latest products and solutions. Additionally, every speaker will be available for detailed technical  discussions.

Exhibition & B2B Matchmaking
More than just a conference, ISiCPEAW 2013 includes debates and networking throughout the event. An exhibition area set up by Yole Développement and dedicated to SiC industry experts will be featured, along with B2B matchmaking arranged by Enterprise European Network. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the SiC industry’s key players, share opinions, and debate technology issues, business development, market organization and more. Save the dates: June 9 - 11, in Stockholm, Sweden!

The tutorial will highlight the following subjects: SiC device design & operation, packaging technology, system application and device driver issues. The tutorial day/site is June 9 at the KTH campus in central Stockholm -- one day before the workshop begins.

The official ISiCPEAW 2013 program will be available soon. Don’t miss out on this once-a-year chance to make new contacts and meet industry leaders!

Attendees & Speakers:
Karin Pagard
Tel: +46 8 632 7834

Exhibition area:
Sandrine Leroy
Tel: + 33 472 83 01 89

B2B Matchmaking:
Håkan Sehlin

To register, please click here.
Tel: + 46 70 550 3678


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