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Apr 29th, 2013
Supertex's MEMS driver tooled for high voltage drive apps
Supertex has recently released its new HV264 Quad High Voltage Amplifier Array.
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With this release, the company hopes to provide greater focus and support to the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) marketplace.

The HV264 will find use in a variety of MEMS and other High Voltage Drive applications, such as driving optical MEMS and piezoelectric transducers. Versus the large amplifier array of most available solutions, the base of 4 amplifiers offers significant advantages in design layout and modularisation to engineers tackling the large mix of applications for MEMS and Piezoelectric solutions. Some areas of application are MEMs micromirror drives as seen in optical networking and communications, test and measurement, printing, component alignment, 3D position tracking and positioning such as for gaming, laser marking, small and transparent displays, biomedical instrumentation and imaging, and more. Potential piezoelectric applications include security sensors, fluid measurement, and more.

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