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Jun 12th, 2013
ISORG and Plastic Logic co-develop the world’s first image sensor on plastic
The collaboration is based on the deposition of organic printed photodetectors (OPD),pioneered by ISORG, onto a plastic organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplane, developed by the technology leader, Plastic Logic, to create a flexible sensor with a 4x4 cm active area,375um pitch (175um pixel size with 200um spacing) and 94 x 95 = 8 930 pixel resolution.
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The backplane design, production process and materials were optimised for the applicationby Plastic Logic to meet ISORG's requirements. The result, a flexible, transmissivebackplane, represents a significant breakthrough in the manufacture of new large area imagesensors and demonstrates the potential use of Plastic Logic's unique flexible transistortechnology to also move beyond plastic displays.

Combined with ISORG's unique organicphotodetector technology, it opens up the possibilities for a range of new applications, basedaround digital image sensing, including smart packaging and sensors for medical equipmentand biomedical diagnostics, security and mobile commerce (user identification by fingerprintscanning), environmental, industrial, scanning surfaces and 3D interactive user interfaces forconsumer electronics (printers, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

ISORG's CEO, Jean-Yves Gomez stated: "We are extremely pleased to showcase ourdisruptive photodiode technology in a concrete application for imaging sensing. The ability tocreate conformal and large area image sensors, which are also thinner, lighter and morerobust and portable than current equipment is of increasing importance, especially in themedical, industrial and security control sectors."

Indro Mukerjee, CEO Plastic Logic said: "I am delighted that Plastic Logic can nowdemonstrate the far-reaching potential of the underlying technology. Our ability to createflexible, transmissive backplanes has led us not only to co-develop a flexible image sensor,but is also key to flexible OLED displays as well as unbreakable LCDs."


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