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Jun 20th, 2013
ET Solar introduces Omnik inverters to global market
ET Solar Group Corp. , a leading solar one-stop solution provider, announced that it will launch its sub-brand inverter-Omnik to global market.
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ET Solar offers various Omnik inverters, including single-phase, three-phase, hybrid and micro series that have been granted VDE, G83, SAA, and ENEL certifications after stringent tests. With advanced designs including transformerless solution, high performance topology, and multi MPPT connection access etc., the inverters are allowed to reach a wider range of DC voltage and higher MPPT dynamic accuracy; therefore, the conversion efficiency of the whole PV system will be enhanced to an utmost level: Omniksol-2.0k-TL ranking No. 1 in the world among those below 3kW and Omniksol-3.0k-TL2/Omniksol-5.0k-TL2 up to 97.8%.

For the newly-developed new generation single-phase inverter series Omniksol-3.0k-TL2/4.0K-TL2/5.0k-TL2, it is feathered with adoption of innovative built-in WIFI /GPRS monitoring system, which will allow the three parties of after-sales service center, distributors and end users to realize real-time control over the PV power station at low cost and immediate software upgrading through the cloud service platform. Besides, the series is optimized to be compatible with ET Solar modules, which will improve the overall performance of the PV system and bring more economical benefits for clients.

Mr. Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, commented: " We are very pleased to introduce our inverters to the global market, and we believe that they will satisfy the residential or industrial users with proven high reliability and yield. In future, we will offer more customized products that can perform optimally, to serve a wider audience and make a contribution to the PV industry. "



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