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Jun 20th, 2013
High-quality graphene made by 2-DTech
A University of Manchester spin-out company producing high-quality graphene and other 2-D materials will bring applications using the wonder material closer to reality.
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2-DTech, based at the University’s Innovation Centre, is located in the world’s foremost centre for graphene research and development and brings together the world-class expertise of Nobel laureates Professor Andre Geim and Professor Kostya Novoselov with a state-of-the-art production facility.

Headed up by graphene researcher Dr Branson Belle, the company sells graphene across the world as well as meeting the growing demand for the world’s thinnest material from academics at the University.

Graphene, first isolated in 2004 at The University of Manchester, is the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material, and has the potential to revolutionise a huge number of diverse applications; from smartphones and ultrafast broadband to drug delivery and computer chips.

Although the famous ‘Scotch Tape’ method of making graphene – peeling layers from a stick of graphite using sticky tape – is still widely used within research labs, 2-DTech offers more advanced scalable production methods like Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD).

One of the key features about 2-DTech is the quality of their materials. Although there are a large number of graphene-production companies worldwide, some of these provide an inferior quality of material.

The company also offers a range of business solutions including consultancy, product testing and industrial collaboration.



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