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Jun 27th, 2013
Haydale announced new graphene inks to accelerate Graphene applications
Haydale, a leader in facilitating the commercial application of graphenes announces that with its development partner, Gwent Electronic Materials (“GEM”), it has developed graphene based inks with properties that now quickly enable its customers to use graphene in a wide range of applications.
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This breakthrough has been possible due to the ability of Haydale to supply quality graphenes in commercial quantities at a viable price.

These new graphene inks enable the commercialisation in the near future of smart packaging, printed batteries, electrochemical sensors, flexible displays and potentially touch screens.
Haydale’s graphene based inks were first announced at the Printed Electronics USA conference in December 2012, since then Haydale has been working in close collaboration with specialist ink manufacturer GEM. This has resulted in the rapid improvement of the ink formulations, and enhancement of conductivity performance.

Martin Williams, Haydale Technical Manager and co inventor of the patented plasma process said:

The development of graphene inks with conductivity better than normal carbon based inks is a major step forward in enabling a myriad of commercial applications of graphenes to take place now. Applications that were previously only thought possible with ‘yet to be developed and commercialised’ CVD processes are now immediately accessible with our HDPlas graphene inks.

Haydale’s metal free HDPlasTM Graphene Ink Sc213 is specifically formulated for screen-printing applications. It has been optimised for ideal viscosity and solid contents ensuring excellent coverage and exceptional conductivity. The inks are fully customisable and can be modified with development partners for specific requirements including:

  • Plastic Electronics
  • Flexible Displays
  • Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Sensors
  • Catalytic Devices
  • E-Paper
  • OLED Devices
  • Transparent Electrodes
  • Thin Film Photovoltaics
  • Electrochemical Devices

Sample batches from 100gms to 5kg are available now.



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