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Jul 10th, 2013
CDA adds custom displays as flexible elements for Optoelectronics
For some years now, CDA GmbH has offered the option of complementing micro-fluidic and micro-optical elements with printed electronics.
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The spectrum of printable electronic components was until recently restricted to paths and passive elements such as inductors, switches and capacitors. Using the same manufacturing approach, now CDA can also offer displays as a further component.

CDA provides its customers with a comprehensive high-end technology portfolio for the development and manufacture of micron (µ) functional devices comprised of printed electronics, micro-fluidic systems and optical components. All of CDA’s manufacturing approaches utilise optimised processes based on the use of plastic, where the use of combined approaches enables the realisation of complex multi-µ-functional solutions.

The newly developed display elements consist of flexible electro-chrome or electro-luminescent display elements (i.e., colour-emitting with high resolution up to 80 lines per inch, or lpi). For the electro-chrome display elements, the application of voltage results in a change in the colour and can be used, for example, to represent fill capacities or absolute values, such as voltage spikes, or to display simple characters.

In the electro-luminescence display elements, an applied voltage causes a dye to illuminate, for example, for nighttimes or background-illumination applications requiring surface (area) lighting. The incorporation of these two elements means that complex circuits can now be printed and implemented, for example, in micro-fluidics to represent changes in liquid resistance.

The key to CDA’s approach lies in the integration of all required elements into a single compact device without needing additional external components. If supplementary logic functions are required, these too can be incorporated using micro-assembly techniques at CDA.

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