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Jul 29th, 2013
Vincotech upgrades product line for drive applications with PFC
Vincotech, a supplier of module-based power electronics solutions, presents the latest generation flowPIM® 0 + PFC 2nd product.
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This module is equipped with power components such as a rectifier, inverter, and active PFC. The housing has remained unchanged, but state-of-the-art semiconductor technology increases the module’s power density.

The flowPIM® 0 + PFC family is designed for motor drive applications requiring active power factor correction (PFC). In addition to a rectifier and inverter, it features a boost switch, diode, shunt resistor, and DC link snubber capacitor. This latest generation module covers input power ranges from below one up to four kW. The most powerful version is equipped with an SiC boost diode for highest efficiency and performance.

Active PFC is becoming a familiar sight in modules because of regulations such as EN 6100-3-2. It also offers technical benefits such as wide-range input voltage and higher DC link voltages for higher efficiencies.

Some changes have been made to the internal wiring of this new generation of modules. The rectifier and PFC are not connected internally for a more EMC-friendly design. The shunt can be used to sense PFC or inverter current. The connection is open, so the shunt’s value may be adjusted via external circuits. The inverter section’s open collector topology enables easy current sensing for each phase.

A 100 nF snubber capacitor for the DC link and an NTC are also integrated. The flowPIM® 0 + PFC 2nd module comes in a 17-mm, 2-clip flow 0 housing with solder pins. Other options (12-mm housing, Press-fit pins) are available on request.


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