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Aug 19th, 2013
Audio Pixels – review of operations
The Company continues development of our digital speakers technologies and its commercialisation into a high demand product; including but not limited to activities under a Joint Development Agreement with one of the world leading consumer electronics manufacturers, signed in July 2011.
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Management’s focus was on the implementation of Phase-3 of our previously detailed four-phase commercialization plan. Phase 3 is specifically designed to utilize mass production techniques in order to produce demonstrable working speaker chips that will also serve as early engineering samples for select customers.

While the objectives for Phases 1 and 2 were concentrated on modelling, characterization analysis and debugging of wide assortment of specific geometrical and functional elements of the electro-mechanical structure (and its fabrication process), the objectives for Phase 3 shift focus toward completing the comprehensive design and performance criteria required to produce playing chips.

Phase 3 fundamentally amounts to a pre-production phase of a completed product. As such, partners selection for Phase 3 of development carries additional long terms significance. The critical decisions involving partners necessitated meticulous review, qualification and selection process involving many of the world’s leading fabricators, equipment and material manufacturers and design houses. The qualification efforts demanded among others, the development, design, and simulation of a full process flow, customized to meet the specificities of each individual fabrication equipment and capabilities.

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