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Sep 9th, 2013
IXYS introduces dual Thyristor -Triac technology platform
IXYS has introduced a new “Dual Thyristor -Triac” technology platform (DT-Triac).
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Triacs are known as best in class for AC power control, providing better power density in numerous power system applications. However, traditional triacs have been limited to lower currents and lower voltages, and with low levels of dv/dt and di/dt ratings. The DT-Triac has the same functionality as the standard triac but with higher di/dt and dv/dt ratings. This contributes to more robust devices together with the long-term stability of blocking voltage and higher current capability.

In the quest for better AC power control and better efficiency in many higher power applications, IXYS scientists developed the robust DT-Triac technology which is fully produced in our own wafer fabrication facility,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer, Founder of IXYS Corporation.

The IXYS DT-Triac is designed for line frequency applications and three quadrant operations, namely quadrants I to III. Target applications are solid state relays, soft start AC motor control, DC motor control, HVAC systems, UPS, AC power control, input power control for SMPSs, lighting and heater controls.

The CLA60MT1200NHB is a TO-247 AC-controller product with 1200 Volt, 60 Amps using the new DT-Triac technology. Additionally, an isolated version is introduced in an ISO247 housing, the CLA60MT1200NHR. For surface mounted applications, the TO-268 version CLA60MT1200NTZ is available. Looking further into the future, IXYS plans to increase the voltage range of the technology to 1600 Volt and also expand the current rating range of these devices. IXYS will also develop these devices to specific customer needs.



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