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Oct 31st, 2013
IXYS releases new 600A 650V IGBT module based on XPT IGBT technology
IXYS Corporation, a leader in power semiconductors and integrated circuit technologies for energy efficient products used in power conversion and motor control applications, announced a new high power phase-leg in the SimBus-F outline with a total current – voltage capability of 600 Ampere and 650 Volt.
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The performance of the discrete 650 Volt XPT Trench IGBT products is now also available in module outlines, up to 600 Amperes with the IXYS fast “Sonic” diodes. The XPT IGBT and Sonic diode are specifically designed for parallel operation in high power modules. Their saturation voltage positive temperature coefficient results in an optimal current sharing.

The new vertical gate design in combination with the XPT wafer processes result in low conduction losses. These low conduction losses benefit in all applications but have the highest impact in applications with lower switching frequencies, such as in the higher power range,” commented Mr. Jeroen van Zeeland, head of marketing at IXYS Germany. “The short circuit rating of these modules gives flexibility to use them in demanding applications. The MIXD600PF650TSF self-limits the short circuit current at 2400 Ampere for 10 micro-seconds, giving the driver circuit enough time to detect the short circuit and turn off the IGBT.

The silicon operation temperature range is increased to receive maximum possible current density. Maximum junction temperature of these devices is 175 degrees C where by constant operation the maximum temperature is specified at 150 degrees C.

Utilizing the IXYS SIMBUS F module outline, the MIXD600PF650TSF features a 17 millimeter height together with an isolated copper baseplate for optimal thermal conditions with market leading reliability.

The MIXD600PF650TSF is designed for high power control applications such as UPS, battery chargers, inverters, solar inverters, motor drives, electrical vehicles, elevators and other industrial applications. For these applications IXYS offers also the wide range of devices needed for such designs, like the standard rectifier modules, drivers ICs and MCU.



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