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Dec 17th, 2013
IXYS introduces solderable and sinterable top side bonding for high power IGBT wafers
IXYS Corporation, a leader in power semiconductors and integrated circuit technologies for energy efficient products used in power conversion and motor control applications, introduced solderable or sinterable top side on 200 and 300 Amps, 650 Volt Trench XPTTM IGBT silicon dies.
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The top side solderable metallization improves the power cycling capabilities of power modules. Replacing the standard bond wire connections by using the standard soldering process improves the power cycling capability, and increases the surge current capabilities of these dies. The improved top metallization also enables the use of a sintering bonding process for these IGBTs, which provide a solderless structure, free of thermal fatigue and better thermal conductivity. Additionally, the top side soldering gives the benefit of top side cooling and better surface lateral high current flow uniformity, thus enabling higher power outputs with less “hot spots” and less “current hogging”.

The solderable topside enables the module designer to create low inductive designs which has increasing interested for these high power and high speed devices,” commented Jeroen van Zeeland, head of Marketing for IXYS GmbH. “Improved surface thermal conductance, reduced series resistance and better thermal cycling come with improved switching performance, a benefit that our customers for dies and modules are getting.”

Introducing solderable top side Trench XPTTM IGBTs is a natural evolution for IXYS, since the top side soldering processes has been used for decades in the IXYS bipolar power module products.

These new IGBT products fit the high current applications for IGBTs in motor control, inverters, automotive and transportation, UPS, welding, and other high current Industrial applications.



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