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Apr 25th, 2014
White House committee backs “photonics foundry” idea
Action on domestic sources of critical materials and an advanced prototyping facility for photonic integrated circuits are recommended by 'fast-track' action committee.
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Packaged silicon photonics.
Packaged silicon photonics.

The “Fast Track Action Committee on Optics and Photonics” convened last year by the US National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has come up with seven specific recommendations to drive future photonics research in the country.

They include setting up a photonics device “foundry” for academic users and small businesses, developing devices at “exotic” wavelengths beyond the infrared and visible range, and new components operating at extremely low light levels and powers.

Set up in response to the National Research Council (NRC) report into optics and photonics published in 2012, the committee has identified the “cross-cutting” areas of optics and photonics research that it sees as likely to have the greatest future benefit in terms of basic and early applied research.

Its priorities are split into two categories of recommendations, namely “research opportunities” and “capability opportunities”, deemed to address specific research goals and to help address what are seen as critical gaps in resources that are inhibiting US research in optics and photonics.

To read more: http://optics.org/news/5/4/32



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