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Jun 25th, 2014
SMIC establishes the first 12’’ in CIS supply chain in China
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, China’s largest and most advanced semiconductor foundry, today announced that the first 12″ color filter and micro lens array production line in mainland China has been completed and put into production by Toppan SMIC Electronics of Shanghai. Combined with SMIC’s 12″ CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) wafer production line, a new 12″ CIS supply chain will be established in China.
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The color filter and micro lens array are important middle-end processes for manufacturing CIS which are widely used in electronic products with image processing functions such as camera phones, digital cameras, and car cameras. To meet the demand of fast-growing consumer electronics market for digital image products with high definition and miniaturization, and provide customers highly integrated and more powerful CIS products, SMIC and TSES planned the 12″ color filter & micro lens array production line together to connect the front-end and middle-end of CIS manufacturing supply chain. It will help IC design customers reduce transportation and other intermediate costs, and shorten the production cycle and time to market. With equipment installation completed, TSES 12″ production line has started production for customer engagement.

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