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May 14th, 2010
AE Polysilicon successfully deposits silicon using advanced fluidized bed reactors
Motech Industries Inc. (TWO: 6244) ("Motech") announced its subsidiary, AE Polysilicon Corporation ("AEP"), has successfully deposited polysilicon in their proprietary commercial scale fluidized bed reactors (FBR) at its Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania site.
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This is a significant milestone for the demonstration of an advanced polysilicon technology which has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing silicon ingots and wafers.

AEP expects to complete FBR testing and begin commercial production in the coming months.  When operating at full capacity, the initial facility will support the production of approximately 250 MW per year of installed solar energy.  The company expects to ramp up the initial facility to full capacity thru late 2011.

I am very proud of our entire team for reaching this milestone"
said Dr. York Tsuo, President of AE Polysilicon Corporation. "For nearly five years we have been developing this innovative process and this milestone validates our technology platform. Creating an innovative polysilicon production process requires not only extensive technical and operational expertise but dedication and commitment to a vision to advance the solar industry with innovative polysilicon technology."

Dr. Simon Tsuo, Chairman of Motech Industries says, "The successful hot test of the FBR reactors not only validates the technology but is also a step in providing Motech with a more favorable cost structure." He continues that, "[Motech's] R&D team has demonstrated a strong potential for granular polysilicon to substantially improve the throughput of crystal growth. We are very pleased to hear of [AEP's] successful test run."
About Motech
Motech Industries Inc, was founded in 1981 as a designer and manufacturer of test and measurement instruments. The company entered into solar cell production in 1999, and is a pioneer in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality single and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells in Taiwan. Today, the company is the largest solar cell manufacturer in Taiwan and one of the top ten manufacturers worldwide in terms of production capacity and output. Motech is a publicly traded company on Taiwan's Over-the-Counter (OTC) marketing with the trading code 6244. For more information about Motech please visit http://www.motech.com.tw.
About AEP
AE Polysilicon Corporation ("AEP") has developed an advanced polysilicon production technology with significant process and product differentiation which positions the company to become one of the lowest‐cost producers of granular polysilicon.  AEP produces polysilicon in granular form which enables significant advancements to drive down the cost of crystalline silicon based solar energy. For more information, please visit www.aepolysilicon.com.


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