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Jul 7th, 2010
Yole Développement MEMS Symposia at TechConnect
To continue the TechConnect theme of building the connection between technical design, applications and markets, Yole Développement developed a series of application and market oriented conference sessions covering a mix of established, emerging and rapidly evolving applications in the fields of MEMS, Advanced Packaging, and Compound Semiconductors.
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All presentations are now available below. Feel free to download any or all...


•    MEMS Market Overview: Future Growth Areas -  Jeff Perkins, Yole Inc.

•    What it takes to develop new products - Alissa Fitzgerald, AM Fitzgerald

•    Ultra low cost monolithic CMOS motion sensors -  J Montonya, Baolab

•    It’s not just about MEMS - David Buckley, Micralyne

•    Revolutionizing the timing market: silicon replaces quartz - Piyush Sevalia, SiTime 

•    MEMS Applications: Oscillators - Matt Crowley, Sand9

•    MEMS Applications: MEMS ribbons for projectors - Matt Bellis, Seikowave

•    Integrated RF: CMOS MEMS Capacitors - Jeff Hilbert, wiSpry

•    MEMS Applications: Microfluidic for consumer applications - Frank Bartels, Bartels Mikrotechnik

•    Innovative Processing Solutions for 3-D Device Fabrication – Tony D. Flaim, Brewer Science


For more information about this event please contact Sandrine Leroy (leroy@yole.fr)


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