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Jul 21st, 2010
Crystal IS, Inc. claims best-performing ultraviolet LEDs for water disinfection
Crystal IS, Inc., a developer of ultraviolet LEDs (UVLEDs) reports that its has demonstrated that its efficient UVLEDs operating at 250nm have the necessary performance to replace mercury-based disinfectant lamps.
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In recently-published testing results Crystal IS demonstrated for the first time its unique diodes fabricated on a proprietary Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrate.

“Previous efforts to develop practical LEDs at this wavelength have proven to be very difficult,” said Crystal IS CTO Leo Schowalter. “Most workers in the field have used conventional substrates, such as sapphire as the starting material, and have struggled to produce commercially viable lifetime and power results. Today we are demonstrating that we have overcome many of those issues.”

The company contends that its LEDs operate at the optimal germicidal wavelength. Additionally the company says that their proven efficacy, combined with low power requirements, small size, and longer lifespan, make the diodes ideal for use in water and air sterilization products.


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