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Aug 27th, 2010
MEMS testing: innovations in mass production
The increasing penetration of MEMS into consumer applications presents continuous challenges to device testing.
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ATE Handlers
ATE Handlers

This is the fourth in our series, Think Outside the Chip….MEMS-Based Systems Solutions. In previous articles, I and my fellow authors have addressed the basic concept of MEMS-based system solutions, the role of ASICs as interface circuits with MEMS devices, and co-design principles as they relate to the design interdependence of the MEMS/ASIC and package.

This article addresses the topic of MEMS testing. In a number of market research studies that I have conducted, it has been established that packaging, assembly, and testing can account for between 50-75% of the total cost of the solution with testing accounting from between 25% and 35% based upon the device and its intended application. Additionally, my research has established that many MEMS suppliers consider testing to be a major product differentiator in the market.

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