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Aug 30th, 2010
ISET demonstrates low-cost printed CIGS module manufacturing on pilot production line
International Solar Electric Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of thinfilm CIGS solar modules, announced the successful implementation of pilot manufacturing operations to validate its unique low-cost printing technology in preparation for expansion to volume production.
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ISET has focused over 25 years of technology development on cost-effective methods of producing photovoltaic (PV) modules that will make solar electricity generation more affordable to achieve grid parity. ISET’s non-vacuum ink-based production method for printing solar cells on glass offers substantial cost advantages over competing high-vacuum technologies due to efficient use of semiconductor materials and low-cost capital equipment.

ISET’s pilot line produces monolithically integrated CIGS modules on glass substrates with an area of 1ft2. Recent production runs have achieved 11% cell average conversion efficiency.

Additionally, ISET’s R&D team has fabricated laboratory devices with better than 14% efficiency. Dr. Kapur noted that research efforts were “on track to reach 16% in the near term.”

ISET has established its pilot production line in a facility that can accommodate an expansion to an annual capacity of 30 MW while generating over 100 additional jobs and providing competitively-priced PV products to local and international markets.

About ISET
International Solar Electric Technology, Inc. (ISET) is a privately held corporation located in Chatsworth, California (USA). The company was founded in 1985, and manufactures copperindium- gallium-selenide (CIGS) thin-film solar cells using a patented ink-printing process. For more information about ISET and its revolutionary technology, please go to www.isetinc.com.



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