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Sep 21st, 2010
Tamar Technology receives orders for its TSV measurement technology
Tamar Technology received orders from two major semiconductor equipment manufacturers for its Through-Silicon Via (TSV) measurement technology.
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Tamar's proprietary Wafer Thickness Sensor (WTS) can measure etch depth for TSVs as well as wafer thickness for single or bonded wafers. Tamar's technology is non-destructive and is the only method that can measure any TSV, regardless of diameter or depth.

"One of the systems has already been delivered and the second will be delivered before the end of the year," says David Grant, president of Tamar Technology. "Both systems will be used to help develop processes for etching TSVs and thinning wafers. The non-destructive nature of the technology allows processes to be monitored and developed in substantially less time and with less cost. Not only can a wafer be etched multiple times, but there is no need for the destructive and expensive measurements on a scanning electron microscope."

Grant says thinning wafer processes also benefit from WTS technology since a map of wafer thickness can be provided that shows process developers how the equipment is behaving and if the thinned wafers are consistent.

"Major manufacturer orders such as these show confidence in Tamar and our measurement technology," says Russ Dudley, Tamar's vice president of sales. "As we deliver the technology to the market, this level of acceptance is gratifying."

Tamar also announced that it is working on fully automated production systems that will integrate into 200 mm and 300 mm fabs. Those systems are expected to be ready for shipment in the first quarter of 2011.


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