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Oct 21st, 2010
Vishay introduces new 500V N-channel power MOSFETs
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. released four new 500V, 16A n-channel power MOSFETs with ultra-low 0.38Ω maximum on-resistance at a 10V gate drive, and an improved gate charge of 68nC, in the TO-220AB,TO-220 FULLPAK, D²PAK, and TO-247AC packages.
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The low on-resistance of the SiHP16N50C (TO-220AB), SiHF16N50C (TO-220 FULLPAK), SiHB16N50C (D2PAK), and SiHG16N50C (TO-247AC) translates into lower conduction losses that save energy in power factor correction (PFC) boost circuits, pulsewidth modulation (PWM) half bridges, and LLC topologies in a wide range of applications, including notebook computer ac adapters, PC power supplies, LCD TVs, and open-frame power supplies.

In addition to their low on-resistance, the devices feature a gate charge of 68 nC. Gate charge times on-resistance, a key figure of merit (FOM) for MOSFETs used in power conversion applications, is a low 25.84 ΩnC.

The new n-channel MOSFETs are produced using Vishay Planar Cell technology, which has been tailored to minimize on-state resistance and withstand high-energy pulses in the avalanche and commutation modes. Compared to previous-generation MOSFETs, the SiHP16N50C, SiHF16N50C, SiHB16N50C, and SiHG16N50C also offer faster switching speeds and reduced switching losses.

The devices are compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and 100 % avalanche tested for reliable operation.

Samples and production quantities of the new power MOSFETs are available now, with lead times of 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery only starts at $0.814 for the SiHP16N50C, $0.907 for the SiHF16N50C, $0.905 SiHB16N50C, and $1.108 for the SiHG16N50C.


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