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Nov 30th, 2010
Cellix limited launches two new branching microchannel biochips; the Vena4Y and the Vena4Y2 for thrombosis and atherosclerosis studies
Cellix’s microfluidic based biochips have revolutionised drug discovery through their unique biochip designs which mimic human capillaries.
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The biochips allow for the precise control of microlitre volumes of biochemical samples and reagents.  These latest biochip designs, Vena4YTM and the Vena4Y2TM biochips integrate flow based cell adhesion assays with branching microchannels enabling researchers to mimic branching microvessels for studying thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

Vena4YTM and the Vena4Y2TM contain 4 parallel enclosed microcapillaries for continuous flow cell based assays:  cell-receptor ligand rolling, binding/adhesion assays under shear flow. Each microcapillary may be coated with a different adhesion molecule.  The biochips are deal for study of thrombosis applications:  platelet adhesion, aggregation and thrombi formation in a robust in vitro setting that mimics branching microvessels in vivo.  Cellix’s biochips enable researchers to mimic in vivo disease microenvironments allowing detailed dissection of disease processes at the cellular level where shear stress or continuous flow parameters are known to affect physiologic events.

About Cellix Ltd
Cellix Ltd. is a privately held instrumentation and cell-based assay company developing technologies that accurately mimic in vivo human blood vessels under physiological flow for cell-based screening in drug discovery.  The Company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and maintains offices in New York City.  For further information visit www.cellixltd.com.


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