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Apr 20th, 2011
Apple patent application reveals more projector possibilities, including a projector-equipped laptop
According to an article from engadget, website, Donald Melanson, journalist, posted that they have already seen a few patent applications that suggest Apple is at least mulling over the idea of using projectors for one purpose or another, and another newly published one has now offered a bit more fodder for speculation.
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Described as a "display system having coherent and incoherent light sources," the patent application suggests that the projector would be laser-based, and be both cheaper and more power efficient than conventional light projectors, while also overcoming the so-called "speckle" problem sometimes seen with laser projectors. What's perhaps most interesting, however, is that the patent application also suggests the projector could be integrated into other devices -- in fact, one of the claims specifically mentions a laptop with an integrated projector.

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