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Apr 29th, 2011
DelfMEMS successfully delivered custom RF MEMS samples to NTT DOCOMO
DelfMEMS, a rising player in the RF MEMS field, reports today it has successfully delivered custom samples to NTT DOCOMO INC.
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DelfMEMS has provided arrays of custom MEMS ohmic switches to enable tunability into Radio-Frequency front-end modules -FEM- for mobile applications. Voltage, size, losses, isolation, ultra-fast switching time and power handling will be evaluated by the innovative telecom operator according to the requested specifications until 6 GHz.

DelfMEMS is setting-up an open technology platform to propose a new integrated micro-mechanical building block that is based on a strong, totally new IP portfolio that solves past issues of RF MEMS ohmic switches. MEMS switch is considered as the optimum RF switching technology that drastically decreases power consumption and bill of material by minimizing losses between the antenna and active devices of a FEM.

"Concerning RF MEMS, after so many promises and disappointments, we are working with a very basic approach : step by step. This step is a huge one and we are extremely proud of the validation of these delivered custom MEMS-arrays by an operator such as NTT DOCOMO. They are pioneer in the mobile field, and we hope to help them to increase data transfer and to decrease power consumption of the global chain from handsets to base stations." says Olivier Millet, CEO. "The last advantage, but not the least, is that even if current insertion losses of our MEMS switches are better than advanced SOI or SoS technologies, we already know how to decrease them again in the next months with a lower cost and a lower size."


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