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Jun 28th, 2011
Wavien, Inc. demonstrates a low cost LED pocket projector using proprietary recycling LED technology
Wavien, Inc. will be demonstrating a low cost LED pocket projector at the InfoComm 2011, Wavien booth #5283, in Orlando Florida from June 15th to 17th.
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This projector uses Wavien’s proprietary Recycling LED Technology (RLT™) in conjunction with a 0.45” WXGA DLP ™ from Texas Instruments.  Wavien’s RLT™ system dramatically reduces the number of components required in the illumination section of the projector, thus, lowers the cost and increases reliability of the system.  This system configuration is available from Wavien for licensing to pocket and pico projectors makers.

“Instead of combining light from separate red, green and blue LED packages, Wavien’s RLT™ technology combines all 3 colored LED’s into a single package.  The component count is reduced from the 17 used in traditional systems to component to 6 in this configuration, and potentially to 3 in the next generation,” stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the DPR technology.  Dr. Li added: “This unique patented design enables a significant reduction in the cost and increase in consistency in manufacturing, which will be a major determining factor for integrating the pico projector into cell phones at high volumes.”

About Wavien, Inc.
Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, high-performance light sources and engine prototypes for the projection and general lighting industries.  Wavien currently offers its unique "Dual Paraboloid Reflector" ("DPR") technology using ultra-high-pressure arc lamps for education and business uses, and xenon lamps for cinema projectors.  Wavien has also entered the LED illumination market with its recycling and non-imaging optical technology.  These technologies improve lamp life, brightness, and efficiency when teamed with applications in the projection display, fiber optics, entertainment, and general lighting markets.


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