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Jul 4th, 2011
Brewer Science completes launch of the enhanced Cee® X-Series of spin coaters, developers, and hot plates
Brewer Science, supplier of materials, equipment, and processes to the microelectronics industry, announced today the launch of the Cee® X-series of benchtop equipment products.
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The Cee® X series delivers revolutionary interface capabilities and exceptional chemical compatibility, with a convenient, compact footprint. This product lineup builds on the reputation of the benchmark Cee® legacy with enhancements that include a stand-alone PC controller with a 7-inch diagonal full-color touch screen interface, a PTFE Teflon® spin bowl for the utmost in chemical compatibility, programmable hot plate lift pins, excellent temperature uniformity (with ±0.3% temperature variation across the wafer), as well as virtually unlimited onboard process programs.

The Brewer Science® Cee® X-series provides the user with fully programmable and user-friendly lab scale equipment with industry-leading features. These leading specifications include spin speed accuracy, repeatability, chemical compatibility, industry-leading temperature uniformity, and reliability. Collectively, these attributes are critical to ensuring optimal process performance over the long term.

Brewer Science is very proud of the reputation it has earned as the vendor of choice for those seeking R&D spin coaters, hot plates, and developers capable of production track–quality performance in a compact, flexible, and durable design. Brewer Science is the only benchtop equipment manufacturer to bring together the after-sale support and the design elements to make this high performance possible in a cost-effective product line.

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