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Aug 24th, 2011
Nemotek Technologie debuts new WLOptic product line with thinner VGA camera
Offering high quality features in a very small form factor, the new Exiguus leads next-generation of wafer-level cameras.
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Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized wafer-level cameras, today announces the debut and availability of its new product line, the Exiguus. The Exiguus product line launches with a VGA wafer-level camera, which integrates wafer-level optics assembled with CMOS image sensors. Specifically, the Exiguus H11-A1 camera offers the thinnest form factor in Nemotek’s product portfolio, featuring one tenth (1/10) of an inch. Ideal for various applications, from PC tablets, laptops, handsets to even automotive solutions that demand innovation, the Exiguus H11-A1 delivers higher image quality and better resolution and leads the industry as the next-generation of miniaturized camera solutions.

Having recently been named Frost & Sullivan’s “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year,” the new Exiguus H11-A1 reinforces Nemotek’s leadership position in the marketplace.  Offering a single partner to meet all wafer-level needs – from optics to packaging – Nemotek is able to deliver cameras to the market faster than its competitors without compromising quality. In addition, its ability to customize wafer-level solutions ensures each camera design is specifically tailored to meet customer requirements for ultra-small and compact camera needs.

“The development of high-quality wafer-level cameras with unique features is a proof point of Nemotek Technologies’ excellence in wafer camera technology and servicing customers with the best possible modules,” said Dr. Rajender Thusu, team leader of sensors and instruments practice, measurement and instruments at Frost & Sullivan. “The company’s innovative approach delivers advanced solutions that lend a competitive edge as it surpasses all customer expectations.”

The Exiguus H11-A1 is reflowable, offers full functionality and uses one element or two surface lenses. Offering automatic and manual control functions, the camera features 640 x 480 pixel resolutions. In addition, the Exiguus utilizes the benefits of glass wafers instead of traditional plastic and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions, making it ideal for several existing and new applications requiring cutting-edge camera technology.

“Today we debut a new VGA camera that achieves superior performance in a very small form factor. The Exiguus product line is meant to serve all markets and will soon include another camera specifically dedicated to medical applications,” said Hatim Limati, Sales & Marketing VP of Nemotek Technologie. “Exiguus H11-A1 is a wafer-level camera solution that provides high-end features like color saturation and correction, edge enhancement and lens shading correction. With the new solution, we are not only showcasing the talents of our team but also demonstrating our ability to maintain a strong industry presence in a very competitive landscape.”

Nemotek’s Exiguus H11-A1 is currently available in volume production. For more information on Nemotek Technologie’s wafer-level solutions, please visit, www.nemotektechnologies.com.


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