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Oct 2nd, 2012
The 3rd MEMSeminar: ASIC for MEMS
October 27, 2:00-5:30 PM - IC Cafe, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China
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The 3rd MEMSeminar which theme is ASIC for MEMS is organized by Chinese Club of Micro-Nano Technology, IC Cafe and Suzhou MEMS Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Also the seminar is a support of many companies, such as ACAM, Si-Ware Systems, Synopsys, MiraMEMS, QST Corporation, Yole Développement, Waferplus, etc.

We will invite the ASIC companies of the MEMS industry chain to share the latest technology and products. The objectives of the seminar are to promote exchanges and cooperation between MEMS and ASIC companies.


- Gang Li, CEO, MEMSensing Microsystems
- Lijun Jiang, R&D Director, DALI technology
- Xiqiang Wang, Director of Marketing, Cornerstone Semiconductor
- Xiaoting Zhu, Product manager, Nanosense Microelectronic
- William Zhang, Applications Engineer, Coventor
- Sunfeng Huang, China Representative, ACAM
- Yuping Tan, China Representative, Si-Ware Systems
- Jiande Wu, Marketing Manager, SpinIC
- Wei Wang, Senior Product Application Engineer, Synopsys
- Ming Han, Senior Product Application Engineer, Synopsys

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