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Oct 12th, 2012
Netherlands MicroNanoConference ’12 Meet the Dutch Micro & Nano Experts @ Ede
Interact with all the major Dutch microsystems and nanotechnology university groups, institutes and companies. 10 – 11 December 2012, De ReeHorst, Ede, The Netherlands
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The parole for this year’s edition is “Meet the Dutch Micro & Nano Experts @ Ede”. A major focal point is an attractive program of high quality with a good balance and interaction between technology, applications and science. Last year one of the parallel sessions was a “House of Commons”” type debate where the industry and science went into debate about the hot issues in innovation. All in all, this conference is the event to meet and discuss with the Dutch experts in the field of Micro & Nano technology.

The eighth edition of the Netherlands MicroNanoConference is organized by NanoNextNL and MinacNed. Reasons to attend:

•    Excellent two-day program of Dutch micro- and nanotechnology developments with contributions from industry and academia
•    Ample networking opportunities with the Dutch micro and nano community
•    Top-level keynote speakers
•    Exhibition showing the latest developments in Research & Development, instrumentation for research and micro- and nanotechnology products

What is it that attracts annually over 400 attendees to the Netherlands MicroNanoConference?

It is the unique blend of presentations from universities, industries and institutions, covering the whole range of current and future applications of new micro and nanotechnologies. The first day we will start with a daring step into the future of technology from the member of the Creative Topteam, Yuri van Geest (ambassador Singularity University) who will introduce the two sessions addressing micro & nano labs of the future. Anja Boisen (Technical University of Denmark, DTU Nanotech, Denmark), the well known Danish professor, will kick-off the sensor and medical diagnostic sessions with her keynote lecture on Molecular recognition using nano-mechanical responses.

The other parallel sessions on Monday will focus on healthy life with topics like Nanomedicine, health, food and clean water, all from a micro nano perspective, and on photonics and nano materials.
Before the evening lecture you have the opportunity to interact and come in contact with the (keynote) speakers and other attendees during the conference dinner.  During this diner Jaap Lombaers (chairman of the Organizing Committee) will take care of the musical entertainment with his band. The evening speaker, David Quéré, ESPCI ParisTech will close the day with a glimpse into the wonderful world of small droplets and their curious behavior.
The Netherlands MicroNanoConference is not complete without a top Dutch scientist. Albert Polman from FOM-Institute AMOLF is the first keynote speaker on the second conference day. He will discuss the latest’s development in ultra-high efficiency solar cells. We are also glad to have Jyrki Suominen from the European Commission to introduce the discussions in the two sessions on Instrumentation, nanoprobing, -imaging and analysis. We will also continue the Monday sessions on microfluidicis and nanomaterials, complemented by a session on Bionanotechnology and systems.

The conference will be closed by two renowned speakers: In the first place Jun'ichi Sone, Vice President National Institute of Material Science, Japan who will discuss Nanomaterial Research toward Solutions of Energy and Environment Issues in NIMS.

Conference secretariat

•    Henne van Heeren, email: henne@enablingmnt.com, tel. +31 (0)78 - 630 07 48 (Program Secretariat)
•    Martijn Reinhold, email: m.reinhold@fhi.nl, tel. +31 (0)33 - 465 75 07 (Organizing Secretariat)

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