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Nov 16th, 2012
CDA and Häcker Automation announce cooperation
CDA GmbH, a recognized specialist for complex multi-μ-functional solutions on plastics, and Häcker Automation, a leading engineering manufacturer of universal standard platforms for 3D micro-packaging and interconnection, announce their cooperation in the fields of lab-on-a-chip and embedded diagnostic systems.
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Micro-assembly of lab-on-a-chip platforms (Source: CDA & Häcker Automation)
Micro-assembly of lab-on-a-chip platforms (Source: CDA & Häcker Automation)

The goal of this cooperation is to provide the clinical, environmental and Life Science markets with a single ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions specialist, capable of providing the entire gamut of technologies needed to properly address individual customer requirements, in particular in the areas of medical technology, micro-sensors and MEMs devices. Lab-on-a-chip and intelligent embedded diagnostic systems are becoming increasingly important for clinical, environmental and Life Science applications. Sensitive and complex devices can be developed that, due to their compactness, lend themselves well to high levels of parallelization. At the same time, the use of appropriate microfabrication processes in their manufacture enables high volumes of components (singulated or as arrays) to be realized at
relatively low cost.

For these reasons, the development of miniaturized analytical instrumentation is now a major aspect of research across all of the applied sciences. However, the technologies that can be incorporated into, as well as the manufacture, interconnection and packaging of such systems are all becoming increasingly complex.

CDA and Häcker Automation have recognized that the two companies’ microfrabrication and microassembly skills, respectively, complement each other exceptionally well. The combination of expertise in micro-optics, printed electronics and precision engineering together with and micro-system manufacturing and 3D interconnect assembly will enable the realization of cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip and intelligent embedded diagnostic systems that demand an interdisciplinary and fully integrated manufacturing approach.

Further information is available at Medica/Compamed (Hall 8a, Booth H29.1) or via the contacts detailed below.

About CDA GmbH
Headquartered in Suhl/Germany, CDA GmbH was originally founded in 1994 and is today one of the largest independent manufacturers of optical storage media in Europe. In 2005 CDA began to gradually expand their expertise in various fields. The combination of CDA’s key competences together with new technologies has enabled the company to be active in the areas of optical media manufacturing, automotive and μ-functional solutions. In 2008 CDA started to expand these activities into consumables for Life Science applications.

98529 Albrechts, Germany
Contact: Dr. Nicolaus Hettler, Pia Harju
Telephone: +49 (0)3681 387-0
E-Mail: Nicolaus.Hettler@cda.de, Pia.Harju@cda.de
Internet: www.cda-microworld.com

About Häcker Automation GmbH
Founded in 1985, Häcker Automation GmbH is a medium sized, family-owned enterprise headquartered in Schwarzhausen/Germany. Häcker Automation designs, develops and manufactures innovative solutions for challenging and complex production processes. With core competences in 3D micro-assembly, 3D nano- and micro-dispensing and laser micro-soldering, Häcker Automation is now a leading engineering manufacturer of universal standard platforms for micro-packaging and interconnection in particular for highly innovative market segments such as medical technology, 3D MID, micro-sensors/optics and MEMs.

Häcker Automation GmbH
99891 Schwarzhausen, Germany
Contact: Gerrit Häcker, Janine Heß
Telephone: +49 (0)36259 300-0
E-Mail: Janine.Hess@haecker-automation.com
Internet: www.haecker-automation.com

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