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Dec 5th, 2012
Japan’s technical strength is being re-evaluated for smartphone use
Explore the forefront of the Japanese & Asian electronics industry at NEPCON JAPAN.
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Japan’s technical strength in the electronics industry is being re-evaluated, especially for smartphone use.
iPhone 5 released in last September has been enjoying strong sales, realizing the lightest and thinnest body ever while adding new functions. One of its main attractions is fast data connection using LTE wireless technology, which requires LSI with higher performance. To make it compatible with a lighter and thinner body, microminiature components made in Japan played an important role.
Japan has a huge strength in high-performance electronics components supporting functional advancement of smartphones, such as high-frequency filter, coil, microminiature terminal, electronic compass, crystal oscillator, and so on. It is estimated that 40% of over 1,000 smartphone components are made in Japan, including liquid crystal panel, flash-memory, DRAM, etc.

Explore the forefront of Japanese & Asian electronics industry at NEPCON JAPAN 2013, Asia’s largest electronics event
“NEPCON JAPAN - 42nd Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo” is the best place to see the latest technical development in the electronics industry, gathering the cutting-edge products/technologies from Japan - the technically-advanced market, and other major players in the current global electronics market – Korea, Taiwan and China. Showcasing all kinds of products/technologies for electronics R&D and manufacturing such as advanced electronic materials, components, devices, packaging/mounting/inspection technologies, micro fabrication technologies, etc., the 2013 show is expected to gather 1,420 exhibitors & 75,000 visitors from all over Asia (Asia’s LARGEST, including concurrent AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2013).
Responding to the great demand from the industry, special zone “Boards & Components for Smart Phone Zone” is launched this time, where all kinds of products needed for design and R&D of smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices are showcased.

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