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Dec 10th, 2012
European 3D TSV Summit- On the road towards manufacturing
Held from January 22 to 23, 2013 at Minatec Grenoble (France).
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The theme of the first-ever Summit is “On the Road towards TSV Manufacturing,” a critical issue as device designers and manufacturers increasingly cross into the third dimension due to the industry’s continuing pursuit of building more functionality into ever-shrinking silicon “real estate.” How should 3D Integration TSV be positioned in the current microelectronics landscape? What new products based on 3D TSV can we expect to see?
Global leaders in 3D TSV technology will share their perspectives on these questions and more at the European 3D TSV Summit.
The full range of 3D technology and R&D processes will be represented, with participation from many leading companies (GlobalFoundries, Silex Microsystems, STMicroelectronics, Xilinx, Amkor, SUSS MicroTec …). Over 25 presentations from executives and experts will cover business-related aspects of 3D TSV in addition to the following activities and topics:
*  Exhibits showcasing suppliers and partners
*  A market briefing powered by Yole Développement
*  CEA-LETI 300mm TSV line tour visit
*  A one-on-one business meeting service
*  Cost of Ownership: Process, Equipment, and Materials Innovations for Cost Effective Solutions
*  Technology: Critical Enabling Technology Bricks
*  Design / Technology / Application Interdependencies
*  Inspection & Metrology, Testability
*  Valuable networking opportunities
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Listening to global leaders—people who influence and shape the industry—is an essential requirement when you’re deciding to attend an event. Combined with valuable add-ons, like matchmaking business meetings for efficient networking, TSV-focused exhibits, a visit to the state-of-the-art CEA-LETI 300mm TSV clean room and a dedicated market briefing powered by Yole Développement, this is what makes the European 3D TSV Summit a must attend event.

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