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Jan 12th, 2013
Kionix launches industry’s thinnest accelerometer for consumer electronics applications
0.7mm height represents a 22% reduction from typical accelerometers with no trade-offs in performance.
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Kionix, Inc. announced the KXCJA, a new low-power, high-performance accelerometer in an ultra-thin 3x3x0.7mm package – the thinnest available on the market.

The KXCJA offers a rich feature set including embedded motion wake-up functionality, power as low as 1μA and exceptional stability. The 0.7mm thin package is perfectly suited for high-volume handset and tablet applications, offering manufacturers an unmatched combination of quality, performance and size.

As mobile devices become smaller and thinner, there is increasing pressure on sensor manufacturers to design smaller parts,” said John Chong, Director of Product Engineering, Kionix. “Using our proprietary DRIE process and state-of-the-art FAB, we were able to achieve a new industry benchmark with the KXCJA while maintaining performance, quality and yield.

The KXCJA represents the next generation of accelerometers driven by customers’ growing needs for thinner sensors,” stated Kenneth Salky, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kionix. “Our customers constantly face design challenges to build smaller and lower-cost devices with greater functionality, and we are responding. The KXCJA gives our customers, and handset and tablet manufacturers in particular, the best of both worlds – an ultra-thin part without sacrificing features, quality, or performance.

Other KXCJA features include:

  • Low current consumption in all modes: <1 μA in standby, 10 μA at normal resolution, and 135 μA at high resolution;
  • Up to 14-bit resolution for greater precision;
  • A user-configurable motion wake-up function to conserve battery power;
  • XAC sensor with outstanding stability over temperature, shock and post-reflow performance;
  • User-selectable g ranges of ±2g, ±4g or ±8g, as well as userselectable ODR;
  • I2C Digital Interface;
  • An internal voltage regulator; and
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility with Kionix’s popular KXCJ9 and KXTI9 sensors, so customers have an easy migration path to take advantage of the new smaller size.

The KXCJA will be sampling in January 2013 to qualified customers. It is available in a 3x3x0.7mm, 10-pin, LGA plastic package. For more information, please email: salesna@kionix.com or contact the Kionix sales office nearest you.

About Kionix
Kionix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ROHM Co., Ltd., is a top-tier manufacturer of MEMS inertial sensors based in Ithaca, NY, USA. Leading companies in consumer, automotive, health and fitness and industrial markets use Kionix sensors and total system solutions to enable motion-based functionality in their products.



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